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The Little Free Libraries Caper

I often go for weekend drives exploring Nova Scotia's gorgeous Atlantic Coast with my wife, Kristina, and one Saturday we happened by a small roadside little library at a campground. She found a venerable book inside by Canadian Charles G.D. Roberts that she wanted to read, but we had nothing to put in its place. So we decided to return, and leave my book inside after it had been published. And the idea just grew from there. Little Free Libraries are a wonderful ways to make neighbourhoods into communities, and to promote literacy and the love of reading. So during some cold winter months during the pandemic's second year, we spent many weekends exploring the province and leaving behind signed copies of Secrets of the Hotel Maisonneuve for young readers to find. It just seemed to dovetail; Secrets is a rousing adventure about a treasure hunt, so creating a tiny treasure hunt seemed like a thoughtful way to promote it. Quill and Quire and Global News picked up the story.

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