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Leveling Up

During the Golden Age of Blogging, I ran two blogs called Smart Like Streetcar, and Telling Stories. I was religious about posting, and readers could find new content three times a week—about writing, climate change, politics, cooking, joy and sadness, Nova Scotia, and living with a misdiagnosed brain tumour that was threatening my life. I used to get hundreds of visitors every day. This is so much harder. When you work with a small publisher, it's wonderful because you're working with people who love to read, and people who love the book industry. It's such a joyful experience, and it made me feel good about my novel, and the hands that took it from words on a page to a gorgeous book with a fabulous cover and real life readers! But it comes at a cost because the business of publicity largely falls to the author, and we're notorious for wanting to do anything but promote our work. I've been relying on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where I already have a decent number of followers. But it feels like I'm constantly trying to sell and push my work, and it makes me cringe every time. The one place that I haven't been pushy is right here. Even though that's why I created this place. But I'm here now, with good intentions, as I take my authoring career to the next level, and let you see a bit more of my life, and the world that I live in. I'll be sharing many reviews and a healthy dollop of good news in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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